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If you’ve arrived at this website it’s probably because you did a google search for “moringa” or “hgh” or a friend recommended this page. Most of you searching for hgh have never heard of moringa and vice versa. So, why the strange combination?

An aging athlete started the company 21st Century Designer Health Products. He was taking many supplements to aid his national ranking in the tennis world and decided they would work well for the general public. Although HGH and Moringa are two totally different supplements they work well, either individually or together, for everyone’s general nutrition, top young athletes and baby boomers seeking anti-aging products.  

About Moringa

The pure powdered leaf from the Moringa Oleifera tree is the world’s greatest unknown supplement. It’s a food, actually, and so is totally non-toxic and very hard to compare to vitamins and minerals that you buy off the shelf. Moringa is the only plant on the planet that goes to wherever you are nutritionally deficient. Many people who take it stop taking most or many of their other supplements. This is why most health food stores don’t carry Moringa. It hurts their bottom line.

It’s one of the most powerful general supplements that you can take because your body uses most of it and very little passes through. The first thing people notice is more energy and mental clarity. This energy does not come from sugar or caffeine and so there are no ups or downs. Usually extreme fatigue occurs when you “hit the wall” but when you take Moringa you’ll blow right through it. We constantly have to tell people not to forget to eat because many find themselves an energizer bunny and at 4 PM realize that they never ate lunch. The lack of any urge to eat helps dieters but don’t worry, when you sit down for a meal you’ll be able to consume as much as you like.

Athletes take it for that extra endurance edge late in games. Students take it to stay awake at night to study and again in the morning for mental recall prior to tests. Teenagers take it to cure acne in three. Hung over? Moringa cures it in two hours! Any malady caused by a nutritional deficiency can be helped by using these capsules. We’ve even heard from some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are, for the first time in their lives, having success with the product.

For more information about the world's greatest unknown supplement click on this Moringa link.

HGH Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is the primary hormone in the body. All hormones, male and female, are affected by the amount of it in your body. The amount peaks at around age 25 and drops off significantly from that age. By putting more of it in your system you become invigorated. Our homeopathic HGH increases your levels no matter what your age. It’s a great general tonic.

We hear from people all the time who say that they buy it for one particular reason and discover that it helps them in five, six, seven, or more areas that they hadn’t anticipated. The most common things that we hear are that digestion, sleep, and libido are improved. Women find menopausal symptoms are relieved. Athletes take it to reduce recovery time from injuries and To enhance their performance. Body builders take it to develop lean muscle mass, that “ripped” look. Hollywood performers use it to reduce wrinkles and to achieve that elusive stage “glow.”

For more detailed information click on this HGH link.


Whether you’re here for HGH or Moringa this website will provide the most honest, objective information you can find on the Internet. One of the main objectives of our business plan is to provide the highest quality products available. Although there might be cheaper products out there, we can assure you that there are no higher quality products than ours. We only sell over the Internet in order to keep our costs down and prices as low as possible. We do no email campaigns, print, or other media marketing. We do not use or sell any of your personal information. We are accessible by phone or email (preferred) and usually get back to you within 24 or sooner. Enjoy our products. Enjoy your life! We appreciate your business.  

Enjoy our products. Enjoy your life! We appreciate your business.

Specials - Buy 2 and Get 1 Free!

This 3 bottle special is good on the Original Formula HGH, Advanced Formula HGH, and Moringa Zinga Capsules. In addition there is free shipping on both the Advanced Formula HGH 3 bottle special and the Moringa Zinga 3 bottle special.

National Institute of Health (NIH): March 21, 2008 says "Used as medicine by native peoples to prevent or treat over 300 diseases. Additional scientific studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness for these traditional uses." ( "its" is referring to Moringa Oleifera)

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